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Fresh Fonts

Concept and design: Patrick de Hondt and Joep Pohlen. Text: Joep Pohlen.

Fonts with a Twist
Fresh Fonts is a colourful book containing more than 300 different typefaces designed between 1985 and 2002. Fresh Fonts offers a well-balanced overview of the principal work of international designers that look at designing fonts in a different way. These fonts are marketed by young, innovative foundries. The typefaces featured in this book have not been selected because they are pretty, ugly, good or bad, but because they are striking or innovative in one way or another. Fresh Fonts does not only provide illustrative examples by designers of new typography, it also offers practical information such as (web) addresses where these fonts can be ordered.

The book
In its seven chapters Fresh Fonts illustrates the latest developments in font design. Ranging from legible fonts in "Ultra Dr" via more experimental typefaces to fonts that have evolved into image-like characters in "Picture This". The various style pages, of which the spread in this folder is a clear example, show applications of a certain font in an illustrative environment. On the left you can see a sample page with fonts being used in this way. A great number of similar pages have been included in the book. With every font, one specific character is represented in the edge margin in an enlarged form.
Finally in the reference section of the book you will find (web) addresses, an index and a bibliography.

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