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Calypso PF

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Almost every typeface that was available in metal type is digitized since the early nineties of the last century. However, we discovered that the digital versions of Calypso (Roger Excoffon) did not meet our expectations. So, we decided to make our own version based on metal type, cast recently from the original matrices from Fonderie Olive (and not used for print). Roger Excoffon was a designer that made some of the most remarkable typefaces in his time. Examples are Antique Olive, Mistral, Choc and Banco. They all had a French touch with an open mind of doing things different. Antique Olive was an answer on the success of Helvetica and Univers. Excoffon did not copy blind like many others but made a typeface that has its own and distinctive character. Calypso was also a typeface that had no competitors. We like the unconventional character of this typeface. It is highly redundant and the readability is bad. And yet it is wonderful like many other designs from Excoffon. And isn't less more? Download Calypso PF and make a tribute to this designer! Look also at 'The making of Calypso PF' on YouTube:

alypso PF and Calypso Ornements PF is digitized by Marjolein Koper and Joep Pohlen, Polka Design, The Netherlands (